Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Energy Wars

From the middle east, south asia, eurasia, the balkans, the horn of africa, and beyond. The world is in its final phase of endless energy wars. Along with this will come further attacks on soveregn nations, occupation, and colonization.
A form of regionalization will come about. Not a world order, but rather a regional order. Economic wars are turned into mlitary wars as a last resort.
Every engine needs energy, this time the energy factor will be far reaching. The planet is spinning faster than nature meant for it to.
It is not just the source of energy, it is the control of the flow for energy. he who controls the enrgy routes controls the flow.
So, the question must be asked. Is this about providing more energy, to keep the engine running. Or, is it about the control, to have the power to provide less energy. There by being able to control other countries [regions] via cutting off their flow of energy. We are now in the midst of a very dangerous global power play. World wars have been started for much less.

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  1. at the end of the day it is about
    'dynamic tension" and balance of energy.....along with give and take on demand.....IMHO