Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Four Major Developments All Gold Investors Should Watch

Four Major Developments All Gold Investors Should Watch

Jason Hamlin

Gold has finally breached the $1,000 level and looks like it might hold the line on this latest attempt. I anticipate that this psychologically-important level will turn from resistance into support as gold makes new highs towards the end of 2009. If I am correct, right now is the last chance investors will have to purchase gold for under $1,000/ounce.

A series of new and significant events have unfolded over the past few weeks that have influenced the precious metals markets and will likely continue to support gold's price advance. If you are a gold investor, it is important that you understand these events and the impact they are likely to have on your investments.

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  1. Gold: Almost 100% Of Money Managers Are Long

    If you are long gold, you're no contrarian. U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data shows that the net long position of speculators in gold has reached an all-time high of 93.6%. Worse yet, nearly 100% of money manager speculators within this data, such as gold-related index funds and managed accounts, are long gold.

    There's a dearth of traditional market players on the long side. Which has caused some professional traders to worry they might run out of people to sell to, once investment funds' buying interest is exhausted

  2. there's one major development the article didnt mention; that the IMF is gonna sell gold "in a volume strictly limited to 403.3 metric tonnes, with these sales to be conducted under modalities that safeguard against disruption of the gold market." in order to boost its lending capacity to impoverished nations

  3. I saw the story on the IMF limiting the sales of gold earlier this year. But I often wonder, as we are seeing with the current battle for gold to stay above $1,000, how much of the price is manipulated anyway. It would seem to me that someone is trying to push it down, while the ulgy truth about inflation and dollar devaluation is trying to make it go higher.

    Today the price suppressors won a little battle making it close just below the $1,000 mark.

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    this is a long article @ naked capitalism with dozens of links to other stories, several charts and analysis, so quoting any part would be out of context...