Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama Seeks PATRIOT Act Extensions

Despite promises during the campaign that he would review certain of the most intrusive portions of the PATRIOT Act, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department today is calling for Congress to extend all three expiring provisions, though they were “willing to consider” civil rights protections “as long as they don’t weaken” the president’s powers under the act.

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  1. Bush and Obama's support of the Patriot Act is consistent with what the Elite demand when they feel threats from within our country or from outside the country. They insist on limits to the masses freedom and I would have expected this no matter who the leader was at the time, whether Bush or someone else. Our history supports my conclusion as you look back to Lincoln, FDR, and other Presidents who reduced the masses freedoms when the elite felt these threats. Fortunately, over time as the threats are reduced the freedoms are restored.