Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prison Industrial Complex

I read this article, very long article, by Catherine Austin Fitts sometime back and it was an eye opener for me. I feel it is too long to post here so I'll provide the link and recommend you read it. It is about Wall Street and Government joining together to privatize and profit from incarceration of moere and more citizens while crime has declined.



  1. The penal system, and its prisons are now a revolving door. not only for the inmates, but for future inmates. At the same time it has become a cash cow for the corps. you will never see a vacancy sign on an arizona prison.

  2. 124 pages is a bit much right now...i dont have the link anymore, but the US has the highest percentage of population imprisoned of any country (Belarus is number two)...even with their large populations, china & india have less imprisoned than us...

    so what is wrong with us?

  3. prisons have become very profitable for those who run them, mainly provate corporations owned by many


  4. rjs, it is 124 pages but about 30 are footnotes but still a very long article but very telling article from an insider at the time.

  5. no help, normally i'd give it a shot... but ive really had my plate full this week with trying to get this blog going and still trying to keep up my other weekly blog