Sunday, October 18, 2009


Some are askin around for my whereabouts...
Im tradin in an outta this beast we call a Market..a Market that confuses a camel stoggie with a camel...Yeah an the whole time you get the 'flashers' in the basement of the 'houses of the holy' tradin their sisters for the stoggie...
AnyWho Im around readin an studin everything I can get my fingers to click-on an this includes MW666....Great Job Everyone!

Your invited to join 'Sunday Morning with 8'...its not for wimps an the coffees Strong!

lil8 can't stand the fact she was almost named christopher squire

I'd tell lil8 to chill
she was lucky there was only one Page

YEAH...I can't be bothered with Sorrow or Hate

Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page ~ Beck's Bolero / Immigrant Song / Peter Gunn Theme

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Jeff Beck

Me n Stevie have put the VooDoo on GS...stay tuned

Yearn to the Sky

For the RealityZone in us all : )

heheeee Its a Take...

...I'll leave us with this 'Don't Let'em Get You Down...You Can Take It'!!!!

******MORE TO COME in another Zone nearby*******
just remember what the late great Pryor said...
"you gotta sing to get some pussy" : ))

In Your Face MarketWatch Goones!


  1. ROFLMAO===THANKS I NEEDED THAT. what a memory. yes, everyone carries an EMINENCE FRONT. the sooner we shed ourselves and the world of it. the better off we will all be.


    Me and the [nasty boyz] have been hangin out at The Sleeze Ball Lounge. Over on Main Street. LOL

  3. 8= i just checked out your other tunes. what a great selection. an old debate has always been, who was the leading factor for led zeppelin ? page or plant?========no jimmy page, no zeppelin. not taking anything away from plant. but i always wondered what rod stewart would have sounded like in front of jimmy page.