Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sacrificing the Economy to the Volcano God

Sacrificing the Economy to the Volcano God

Hundreds of years ago the Incas would sacrifice virgins to appease their Volcano God. The Gods and methods of sacrifice may have changed, but the tradition remains.

Like the Incas of old, we find ourselves helpless against forces we do not understand. The foundations of our economy shake and falter in terrifying ways. In our desperation for answers we turn to High Priests of Economics who tell us these evils have befallen us because of our sins. We must sacrifice the innocent to the Volcano God or it will destroy us all.
The High Priests of Economics never explain exactly how these sacrifices will fix the economy, nor do they mention that the sins in question might be their own. Yet we still rush to offer up our children's futures through unpayable debts while never considering that there might be better alternatives.

Sacrificing Jobs on the Cross of Free Trade

"Jesus Christ is Free Trade, and Free Trade is Jesus Christ."- Dr. Robert Browning

The High Priests of Economics tell us that "globalization cannot be stopped," just like the wrath of the Volcano God. We've been told that there is no alternative to neoliberal globalization other than utter ruin.The High Priests tells us that the destruction wrought by "Globalization is good" and should be embraced, and those that denounce multinational corporations are not just wrong, but dangerously wrong.

There is no shortage of politicians and media outlets who will tell you that free trade agreements are a "win-win" proposition, and that they will always create more jobs than they will destroy.

Yet history shows otherwise.

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  1. I think it comed down to the definition og globalism. Fair trade is a healthy thing. Trade where they have barriers and we don't isn't.

  2. im pretty much for open borders & free trade myself, tom, but i posted the article because i thought the approach was interesting and informative...

  3. "What they didn't bother telling us is that a nation that consumes what it doesn't produce is destined to become poorer, and the idea of a service-based economy is a non-starter."

    Globalization simply drains the wealth and the power from the peopl, and sends it uphill never to be seen again. C A Fitts suggests that by redirecting production and trade back to the local community level that real wealth can be acheived and magnified at an even greater level for more people than might be considered conceivable. She recounts in one of her articles that she had an analyst run the model. She was so stunned at the projections that at first she thought it was a mistake and had them re-run it. It only came up with the same answer. I'm inclined to agree with her on this issue.

  4. TB; i believe we talked about this a while back.

    just as i believe that the world will be regional. could it not also be possible that america becomes, say 3-4-5- regions. separate, but yet, as one.