Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something to believe in---

It has become frighteningly apparent that America is adrift at sea. We have hit an invisable, giant iceberg, made of our own unenlightened self-interest and greed. It took decades to institutionalize the greed which is now exposed by the cold, harsh light of reality. As Pogo said in a long ago published cartoon strip, "We have seen the enemy and they is us."

As a nation we are guilty of all of the original seven deadly sins, greed, gluttony, lust, anger, slothfulness, covetousness and pride.

1. Greed, the notion that we can take and take and take from the richness of the earth, convert it to garbage and return it to the earth degraded and as filth

2. Gluttony, the belief that because we are a rich nation we are entitled to consume disproportionate amounts of resources, which add to our comfort and security, while vast numbers of less fortunate, in our own and other countries, go without basic neccesities like food, shelter and clothing

3. Lust, if there is a resource our nation desires and does not have it does not hesitate to take it in whatever way it sees fit even if it means unjust and unprovoked wars

4. Anger, as a nation we are filled with self-rightous anger when we suffer a perceived wrong, and we act on that anger, with indignation and without hesitation, with little thought to the consequences foisted on the rest of humanity

5. Slothfulness, rather than working to produce the vast amounts of products we consume, we job it out to sweatshops in economically less fortunate nations, whose workers work in conditions Americans would not suffer, while those workers settle for the crumbs they are given for their labor

6. Covetousness, we will have no nation above our own, we will have no military better than our own, we will be the first to conquer space and establish military dominance there and America will be the standard bearer for all that is perfect and desirable

7. Pride, unjustifiable pride, has been the downfall of our nation. We are the richest, most free, the smartest, we have the best military, our democratic government is the best, and above all we know best in all matters concerning the rest of the world

We call ourselves a Christian nation and yet, with the actions of our country, we have been anything but. As it was in antiquity, the seven deadly sins hold even today, as much as a nation as with ourselves as individuals. As much as we would like to blame someone else for our predicament, it is we ourselves as part of this nation, that have caused the misery.

America has been a generous nation, giving to the less fortunate, assisting with money, manpower and medical supplies in disasters, waging war to help the oppressed, but this is not enough to compensate for what we have taken.

If we could get together to cause the destruction, we can get together to bring on the healing. This is what I believe in.

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  1. "copyrighted material"

    Who wrote it?

  2. We maybe stewards of the earth but stewardship cannot justify any group's preventing any other group from legitimate access to fulfill their needs. We are not obligated to not use resources we need so that we pass it on to some future generation.We do not know the needs of future generations or whether there will be future generations. Our obligation to the future is to pass on the "common goods"; those of knowledge, virtue, and culture. Resources that can be used up if needed by one generation has the right to use them. The good of each person is as important as the good of any person, thus no scarifice need be made of one person's good for anothers. We do have an obligation not to waste but it does not obligate us to ensure that resource is there for some future people. For example, we have no obligation to save oil that we can profitably use now.