Sunday, November 15, 2009

Greed is Good

Memo To: Oaktree Clients

From: Howard Marks

Deep Thoughts...


  1. actually that was RJ's comment...we wanted to see what he was seeing when he was me an I can only say It WASN'T PRETTY hehehehee

    bet he never trys that again : )

  2. it sure was gonna get confusing if i had to be both you and me and try commenting on your posts; then i'd hafta come back as you and answer...

  3. i do it all the time. it is called talking to your the only thing more fun is staring at a blank wall, and waiting for the other person to do something first. like dylan said----"everybody must get stoned.--- LOL.

  4. Everything is Kool. We can now go back to waiting on the walls to reply : )