Monday, November 2, 2009

more whatever…

ive got a few things that ive run into which dont consolidate well, that is to say, i cant squeeze them into the format i use on the ggo blog; so im going to just post the links here so you can get to them directly…

October Economic Summary in Graphs – a collection of a couple dozen excellent real estate and economic graphs for data released in October from calculated risk click on each graph for larger image in new window. For more info on each, click on link below graph to get to the original post.

Baseline Scenario, October 30, 2009 – followup to testimony to a Joint Economic Committee of Congress hearing by Simon Johnson (update: that link may be fragile; here’s the JEC general page).  The session discussed the latest GDP numbers, the impact of the fiscal stimulus earlier this year, and whether we need further fiscal expansion of any kind..

Disincentives from Health Reform – a followup to Harvard professor Greg Mankiw’s column in the NY Times about the marginal tax rates implicit in the health reform bill making its ways through Congress.

and just of general interest: Positive feedback in inequality regarding the increased importance of cognitive skills relative to physical labor.

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