Monday, January 11, 2010

connecting a few dots…

part of a forwarded email i got last week:
Here's how impossible this whole scenario is:
Dad warns the U.S. that his son is "hot." NO QUESTIONS
Close to $3000 cash for a ticket: NO QUESTIONS
No luggage or carry-ons:  NO QUESTIONS
To a city freezing its "ass" off without a jacket: NO QUESTIONS
Leaves pvt toilet to publicly try to set shorts on fire: ?????????????
NO QUESTIONS?  Ask yourself "How screwed up, or conspiratorial, is this terrorist to leave the privacy of the toilet, where he could have taken his shorts off, got a good fire going, opened the door to yell something stupid like Mission Accomplished! and blown the plane out of the sky.
Come on people. This was a set-up. A stupid set-up.

ok, maybe an excuse to go into yemen...but i didnt think much about it until i encountered this article at alternet yesterday:

Who's Getting Rich From the Naked Full-Body Scanner Boom? - The TSA has a dismal record of enriching private corporations with failed technologies. Will the "digital strip search" device just bring more of the same?
(names a few companies with heavy lobbying presence)

i bounced it off RZ and he mentioned a lot of new TSA agents getting hired...then i started thinking that theyre hiring 1.4 million for the census, including, as per RZ, armed guards in phoenix in case of an anti-census insurrection...

so im now thinking stealth stimulus: they want another jobs producing stimulus, but more spending would never fly in an election year, so theyre using these programs to "create jobs", just like the WPA, having guys dig ditches and others fill them up...

the bottom line, though, is that you cant build a sustainable economy with everyone being paid to search each others luggage, count each other, and empty each others bedpans...

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