Friday, March 12, 2010

insert tongue firmly in cheek...

...and call it a "jobs bill"...

from CNN:

The Senate on Wednesday approved a wide-ranging bill that would push back the deadline to file for extended unemployment insurance until year-end and extends dozens of expired tax breaks.
The bill, passed by a 62-36 vote, is the latest job creation effort to go before lawmakers, though it contains virtually no new initiatives to boost employment. Its price tag has wavered between $140 billion and $150 billion, which is partially offset. Its next stop is the House, where a quick passage is anything but assured...

...after many speeches, officials have enacted little to help the nearly 15 million looking for work.

In this bill:

The bill passed Wednesday would push back the deadline to file for extended jobless benefits and the federal subsidy for COBRA health insurance until Dec. 31.
The measure would also extend dozens of tax provisions -- including allowing teachers to deduct education expenses and providing businesses a research and development credit -- that expired at the end of last year.

It would also temporarily halt a 21% reduction in Medicare physician reimbursement rates. And it would send another $25 billion to the states to help them fund their Medicaid programs for another six months.

The bill also extends two Recovery Act provisions for small businesses. It provides $354 million to continue funding the increased Small Business Administration guarantee and fee waiver through year's end.


  1. It's a good thing that we don't need any job creation in this country isn't it?

    Cause we sure can't look to Congress to fund any programs for such.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


  2. hey, paying 10% of the population to sit on their butts for 99 weeks is certainly a better use of public funds than payng them to do something useful that will give them a sense of worth...keep em grovelling, its good for the soul...

  3. As necessary as this legislation was, it does not quality as a jobs bill. I do, however, like the one Obama proposed yesterday.

  4. tomcat, maybe obama should start calling health care reform a jobs bill, it might make it easier to pass...

  5. Jobs bill, jobs shill, what is the difference. This is anything but a jobs bill. 10-15-20% unemployment depending on where you look.
    Our infrastructure is broken, the system is broken, our government can not govern much less have meaningful legislation.
    The military is becoming a jobs center. Endless fodder for endless wars.
    Our elected officials worry more about getting re-elected than they do for the well being of our country.

    The only reason we do not have soup lines, and hobo villages is because we keep extending unemployment benefits.
    This regime came into office with a mandate. It had the majority in both houses, along with a dem president. They have accomplished nothing significant.
    When Ed Schultz comes on and says [liberals] should vote for the HC bill in order to give Obama a victory. It sickens me to n o end. Give him a victory that helps the ins. corps. LOL.