Tuesday, April 6, 2010

happy days are here again

alan its-not-my-fault greenspan recently said it ended in the middle of last year; ben bernanke had already declared it over in september, and the National Association for Business Economics said it turned around last october; even all the FRED charts from the St Louis Fed had been modified to show July 2009 as its end, and now robert hall, head of National Bureau of Economic Research’s Business Cycle Dating Committee, the group charged with making the call, has finally has decided that the great recession is officially over…so it appear all the great arbiters of such have spoken: no more bad times, wall street is hiring again, the recovery is underway, back to boom, just go out and spend spend spend like there’s no tomorrow…

however, one of these recoveries is not like the others

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Civilians Unemployed for 27 Weeks and Over

Civilians Unemployed for 27 Weeks and Over


Average (Mean) Duration of Unemployment

Average (Mean) Duration of Unemployment

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2010-04-02 7:46 AM CDT

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  1. I love that top chart. How indicative of the crap that flows through this country. And seriously, how many would look at that and say, it's okay-- everything's in an upward trend, well, 'cept for that little ol' one on the bottom there...