Saturday, May 22, 2010

week ending May 22nd

the review of the week ending May 22nd has been completed & posted on the globalglassonion briefly summarizes and links to articles from MSM and the blogosphere, generally on the topics listed below and whatever else, including at least 3 dozen links to articles on finreg, about 5 dozen links to articles on the deepwater oil spill in the gulf, and at least 5 dozen on the ongoing crisis in the eurozone...

anyone who wants my weekly emailing of selected links, mostly from these GGO posts, contact me...

Labels: banks, CDSs, china, debt, deficits, education, environment, Europe, financial regulation, FX, global debt, Greece, gulf oil spill, health care, inflation, mortgage crisis, pensions, state budgets, stock market, taxes, unemployment 

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