Tuesday, August 17, 2010

its getting darker in here...

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  1. Last one standing turn off the lights.

  2. RealityZone, this site never has had a very good format for discussion. It lacks a free flowing area for talking to each other.

  3. nohelp:
    It was originally set up by rjs to have more participation by others that were invited from MW.
    All participants were set up as authors [contributors] which meant that all of you could post. Unfortunately most if not all chose not to participate. RJS does a lot of work on his financial blog. As I do a lot on my own geopolitical blog.
    The posting and the comment section is exactly the same as MW. 666 never really took off because not enough people participated.

    IMO some if not most were looking for instant gratification. In as much as they wanted instant responses. Sort of like a chat room.
    If more people would have participated in due time this probably would have some about.

    On my own blog which I actively started on 09/17/09 thanks to RJS I now have gotten hits from 142 flag countries.

    Nice to see you again nohelp.