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in March a year ago the St Louis Fed, home to the FRED graphs, changed their graphs to an interactive format, which apparently necessitated eliminating some of the incompatible options which we had used in creating our static graphs before a result, many of the FRED graphs we've included on this website previous to that date, all of which were all created and stored at the FRED site and which we'd always hyperlinked back there, were reformatted, which in many cases changed our bar graphs to line graphs, and some cases rendered them unreadable... however, you can still click the text links we've always used in referring to them to view versions of our graphs as interactive graphs on the FRED site, or in the case where an older graph has gone missing, click on the blank space where it had been in order to view it in the new format....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

shame on US!

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  1. wow, what a chart!
    no denying it is there?
    wonder why hard working Americans keep defending the people that continue to rob them blind?

  2. yep. & we're probably the only country with programs in place to lower our score even more in several of those catagories

  3. if anyone missed it, something else they should see is It's the Inequality, Stupid; Eight charts that explain everything that's wrong with America.

  4. Maybe the USA should spend less money for teir army and teir "wars on what ever" and more for teir people.