Monday, March 28, 2011

we’re number 1

among the top 20 countries of the OECD, the rich countries’ club, America now has:

  • The highest poverty rate, both generally and for children;
  • The greatest inequality of incomes;
  • The lowest government spending as a percentage of GDP on social programs for the disadvantaged;
  • The lowest number of paid holiday, annual and maternity leaves;
  • The lowest score on the UN’s index of “material well-being of children”;
  • The worst score on the UN’s gender inequality index;
  • The lowest social mobility;
  • The highest public and private expenditure on health care as a portion of GDP, yet accompanied by the highest:
    • Infant mortality rate
    • Prevalence of mental health problems
    • Obesity rate
    • Portion of people going without health care due to cost
    • Low birth weight children per capita (except for Japan)
    • Consumption of anti-depressants per capita
  • The shortest life expectancy at birth (except for Denmark and Portugal);
  • The highest carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption per capita;
  • The lowest score on the World Economic Forum’s Environmental Performance Index (except for Belgium), and the largest Ecological Footprint per capita (except for Belgium and Denmark);
  • The highest rate of failing to ratify international agreements;
  • The lowest spending on international development and humanitarian assistance as a percentage of GDP;
  • The highest military spending as a portion of GDP;
  • The largest international arms sales;
  • The most negative balance of payments (except New Zealand, Spain and Portugal);
  • The lowest scores for student performance in math (except for Portugal and Italy) (and far down from the top in both science and reading);
  • The highest high school drop out rate (except for Spain);

excerpted from this article; see also shame on US!

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