Monday, August 22, 2011

taxes? it’s time to soak the poor…


  1. damn.
    I don't have tv and didn't watch Fox even when I did have one. I had no idea they said things like that on there.
    hey, wonder if a lot of poor people watch Fox?
    wonder who they think they're talking about? some other poor people?

  2. pam, you should be able to pick up 750 AM radio out of atlanta; they talk that way about the "moocher class" 24/7

  3. Didn't the Nazis call them "useless eaters"? Just sayin'.

    You might find it surprising (or maybe not) that some of those people decrying the welfare system and calling the poor "moochers" are themselves now receiving public assistance, because they lost their jobs and can't find another that pays as well as their last (if they can find one at all). And yet, not only do they continue to listen to the people on the boob tube who are saying these things, they also actually support and agree withwhat they say! Did I wake up on the wrong planet?