Tuesday, July 10, 2012

inside job (full length movie - HD)


  1. It was not that long ago in America that horse thieves and cattle rustlers were shot, hung, and shot again.

  2. Sorry man, I can not finish the whole film.

    My blood pressure went off the charts.

    I can not even begin to explain how much I despise these cretins, and what should be done to them.

  3. that's what it's supposed to do, RZ; make you mad; nothing changes if no one's upset...

  4. Sickening. The City of London here is as bad or worse though. Witness the grotesque LIBOR manipulation by Barclays.

  5. Matt misspoke towards the end about being in recovery.

    US unemployment in 1936 dipped down to same level as 1929.

    This parties just getting started and I get the feeling Im going to be a mean drunk!