Saturday, August 25, 2012



  1. While the music played you worked by candlelight
    Those San Francisco nights
    You were the best in town
    ******Just by chance you crossed the diamond with the pearl******
    You turned it on the world
    That's when you turned the world around
    Did you feel like Jesus
    Did you realize
    That you were a champion in their eyes

    Kid Charlemagne / Steely Dan

  2. here's the background music to go with that video:

    Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street

    it's an old tune, but you'll recognize it...

  3. "David X. Li, it's safe to say, won't be getting that Nobel anytime soon. One result of the collapse has been the end of financial economics as something to be celebrated rather than feared. And Li's Gaussian copula formula will go down in history as instrumental in causing the unfathomable losses that brought the world financial system to its knees"

    HELLo David, long time no see, how's it holding up AssHole

    Every A-Frame had your number on the wall
    You must have had it all
    You'd go to L.A. on a dare
    And you'd go it alone
    Could you live forever
    Could you see the day
    Could you feel your whole world fall apart and fade away