Sunday, September 2, 2012



  1. We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future. Orwell, 1984


    What we measure
    We leverage Nielsen NeuroFocus' ground-breaking consumer neuroscience methods to measure brainwave activity in real time, capturing purchase considerations at the moment they are formed in the brain. Through our consumer neuroscience metrics, we enable marketers and advertisers to better understand the effectiveness of advertising, branding, product development, and packaging across industries including consumer packaged goods, retail, media, and entertainment. We employ proven technologies to produce the most effective and reliable measurements for understanding consumers' deep subconscious responses to stimuli.

    How we do it
    Blending neurological testing with traditional research enables us to better understand consumer responses to a stimulus on all levels—conscious and non-conscious. We use brainwave measurements and eye-tracking to determine which specific elements of a brand, product, ad, package, or aisle design are most salient and compelling to the brain.

    Why Nielsen
    Our patented technologies and proprietary techniques measure consumers’ neurological reactions to stimuli providing highly accurate and deep insights into consumer behaviors. Nielsen NeuroFocus is a global leader in neurological testing for consumer research. We bring world-class experts in neuroscience, consumer research, and marketing to develop innovative methods for understanding consumer thought, emotion, and behavior. We offer clients the world’s first wireless, dry, EEG headset, expanding testing environments beyond the lab and into the home or in the store.