Sunday, December 2, 2012

To Make Their Voices Heard !

Painting by ~Smiling-Raven @ DeviantArt
Two young Syrian boys, their faces painted in the colours of the pre-Baath Syrian flag, attending an anti-regime demonstration. The most abhorrent in the Syrian struggle for freedom, dignity and justice is the suffering of children. Syrian's children are suffering from trauma and torture. Thousands of them have been killed. Many more have been maimed. They suffer so much; every day they are being killed or injured. While Syrians flee in thousands to neighboring countries like Turkey and Jordan, orphans have become the most heart-breaking symbol of the genocide wrought by Assad. ~Smiling-Raven

my deviantart comment to Smiling Raven's Masterpiece:
from a world news journalist: 'there was a group of Syrian Women standing in a circle over what looked to be a pile of clothes...they were screaming and crying in was raw an surreal. i waited, watched and finally asked a witnessing woman what the women were saying she replied, 'they are crying for their dead children who took up a fight they were too scared to wage in their youth.'
 i'll never forget the mothers screams airing behind the journalist interview.
SM, you captured the youths verve and bare bones courage...Masterfully!
You honor the Mothers.
The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there ~ Yasutani Roshi


  1. This is not a Syrian Spring.
    It is another uncivil proxy war.
    Check the shadows behind the curtains.
    KSA, and Qatar have a lot at stake here.
    If Jordan [U.S. client state] falls so does the whole region. Lebanon and the Kurds are also waiting in line.
    Many fundamental Islamists are among these so called [rebels].
    The same as they were in Libya.
    Entering Syria would be like opening a barrel of salted sardines.

  2. Not putting politics aside the point is...our future, our children scream our failures...with their lifeblood.