Monday, March 18, 2013

ooooooooooooooh RJ WHEREFORE ART THOU

war monger

...we'll splatter our verbal napalm
on the economic warriors
of the wall streets of the world
till their bonds are burned
and clobbering men on the head
with the truth
will be the folly
of the new special forces
as i unleash on the world
a multi-million megatonic fury:

~ rjs / 1965 ~

  in these times
too few warriors 
devour darkness 
with a brighter torch
than you 

you are earths cry heavens smile
and dearest friend to me, thank you so much

happy birthday buddy
(hehehee suck it can clobber me over the head later hehehee)


  1. And to think you did not want to hang around this long.
    Look at what you would have missed.
    More importantly, we would have never met you. :-)
    Many more brother.

    I do still hate you though for getting me started on this blog stuff. LOL