Wednesday, November 6, 2013

There Once Was a Time When the Super-Rich Needed a Middle Class to Be Successful -- Not Any More

AlterNet / By Thom Hartmann

Times have changed -- and the elites inhabit their own private economy.

America is falling apart — and this nation's super-rich are to blame.
There was once a time in America when the super-rich needed you, and me, and working-class Americans to be successful.

They needed us for their roads, for their businesses, for their communications, for their transportation, as their customers, and for their overall success.

The super-rich rode on the same trains as us, and flew in the same planes as us. They went to our hospitals and learned at our schools.

Their success directly depended on us, and on the well-being of the nation, and they knew it.

But times have changed, and the super-rich of the 21st century no longer think that you and I are needed for their continued success.

And in some ways, they have given up on America, period.


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